In Christopher Columbus' time
The inquisition in its prime
In 1492
We were told he sailed the ocean blue
At least that much of history is true

A Legacy so long and cruel
Thriving under Spanish rule
His financing secured
With stolen gold procured
Pillaged from the Muslims and the Jews

 We lay vanquished by your sword
  Our world gone before, Gone forevermore
  Since your venture to our shore, Conquistador

500 Arawakan men
Enslaved by one they called their friend
Then did what they were told
A quota filled of gold
He paid them back by cutting off their hands
They did not understand
Then taking all there was to take
His reputation now at stake
He sowed the seeds of hate
His fame and fortune there to make
Floods of blood left in his wake
Then Europe came without a pause
Believing their's a holy cause
Cut off the Native tongue
With religion and a gun
Conquistador, what have we done?

Now taking all there is to take
Our fame and fortune here to make
Partaking in her rape
A ravaged Earth left in our wake
Future generations now at stake

Your final journey back to Spain
A prisoner and bound in chain
A prisoner you came
A man without a claim
A ruined despot, gone insane

last chorus:
   We lay vanquished by our sword
   The world we've known before,
   May not be anymore
   What have we done, Conquistador?

© 1991 Victoria Parks



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