News From My Muse

June 2009,

I have been busy with life. Life happens. But I have great news.

In other news, I am the recipient of the Free Press 2009 Arts Activism Award. Etched upon it is a quote of mine: "Great art is inherently subversive." Indeed, any art of historical relevance is. Give deference in your art to beauty and aesthetics but first give deference to its meaning. Please, give generously to the Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism, a 501C3 organization and Goddess Bless the Truthtellers.

My latest recording Duhmocracy has been nominated Best Political Album in the 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards. What an honor this is because my songs were judged by my peers from among over 42,000 entries from this organization's members, all independent musicians, producers, and industry professionals over 50,000-strong. My song Blame the Cows has been nominated for Best Political Song in this year's JPF Music Awards. Blame the Cows is a tribute to our crappy (no offense to Thomas Crapper, inventor of the modern toilet) American Mainstream Media and the hot gas that comes from our radios and televisions in the form of Rush Limbaugh, well known slanthead, right-wing propagandist, drug-addict and defacto big smelly cheese of the now morally defunct GOP. Though Limbaugh would insist that the ozone hole and global warming are the fault of the poor cows, we of any intelligence know differently. We know that the bovine gas is really coming from our radios. Wow, just to be nominated for Just Plain Folks Music Awards is such a gas!

Go forth with vigor!!

Peace, Victoria Parks


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