Sure Feels Like Home, Victoria's 1995 debut CD. An eclectic anthology of 10 of her best songs (1987-1995), including many contemporary folk ballads and folk-rock anthems. Features two songs reflecting a distinct Celtic bent, forshadowing the musical direction Victoria's present songwriting reflects. Wild English Rose, Victoria's 2003 release is a collection of 13 mostly original songs and ballads. Four of the songs are historical family ballads. Another four tunes celebrate ancient Celtic holidays. There is even a contemporary song about crop circles. Wild English Rose features one 18th century broadside ballad Victoria discovered in her Great Great Grandfather's handwriting.


1) Sure Feels Like Home
2) Warm is the Light
3) I'm Going Solar
4) They Bleed Us
5) Conquistador
6) Heal the Hoop
7) I'm Blue
8) There Goes Another Rose
9) Long Way Back to Eden
10) Banks of the Kennebec


1) Brandy from the Cherry
2) Dear Sister
3) Song for Ostara
4) Song for Beltaine/Cliffs of Moher (trad)
5) Daphne Daisies & Daffodils
6) Caroline of Edinboro Town
7) Banks of the Kennebec (remix)
8) Beautiful Hands
9) Song for Yule/A Cube of Sugar (trad)
10) Wild English Rose
11) Ballad of Uncle Davey
12) We Are Not Alone
13) Song for Samhain


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