Love Croaks

It was a full moon but it did not glow
The rain came down for a week or so
A pond formed in the parking lot below
I was playing my guitar and watching it grow

When the stangest thing just then occurred
the oddest sound I'd ever heard
challenge me to find a better word
A frog sang a song that sounds absurd


I said , hey Prince Charming, is that you?
If you croak for me I'll sing for you
Hey, Mr. Frog is your love true?
How'd ya like to make a little rendevous?

It was a love song I never heard before
We must have croaked for an hour or more
When frogs came to us by the score!
They were callin' their lovers to the shore


In the cruel light of the morning sun
After all the cars had gone
The saddest sight to look upon
Was the parking lot that was a pond.

To my dismay and my despair
Prince Charming was not anywhere
I rubbed my eyes to stand and stare
At flat little X's everywhere

Where are you my Lancelot,
Where upon this parking lot?
My heart recoiled into a knot
When I found the X that marked his spot


Croaking for love aint where it's at
Though your little heart goes pitter-pat
Love will use you for a mat
He'll sing a song then leave you flat.

Love is gift, love is a haven
Love can give you what your cravin'
But lust is just another form of enslavement
When they scrape you off the pavement

It's O.K. to have the heart of a poet
It's O.K. to love, it's O.K. to show it
When your prince comes now don't you blow it
Or he'll be your X before you know it.


© 1993 Victoria Parks



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