Warm is the Light

In a dream I heard you cry
"I'm alone and no one comes to my bedside,
so alone, and I'm passing on to the other side
suffering more from the pain of love denied."

"I miss my love I miss my friends.
I long just to hold their hands
but for fear overpowering them,
I'm lying here alone and my journey ends."

Hold me now
Please comfort me
Your love sets my spirit free
Give me hope
the wings that carry me
For warm is the light that beckons me

So our souls entwined in space
One last lock of love's embrace
Then letting go of this weary place
I told him, "Nothing ever dies that love creates."


From the dream I don't recall his name
But I loved him just the same
In the end, there was no one to blame
But the fear and ignorance that cause our pain

© 1993 Victoria Parks



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