We Are Not Alone

There they lie for all to see
In fields of Avebury Plain
There's not a greater mystery
Than in these fields of barley grain
Through an unseen force appear
Since ancient times they claim
As if created of thin air
Crop circles of Avebury Plain

In times antediluvial
We once could understand
These messages prophetical
In thin ice, fields and sand    We are not alone

The truth was meant to live in
Living life each day
The version that we're given
Has led us all astray    We are not alone

Living this illusion
A veil over our eyes
We flail in our confusion
While they smother us with lies    We are not alone

In a way there's no denying
They're paying us a call
Through many miles of space and time
With a message for us all    We are not alone

The family of each nation
We share our human ties
We're of the same creation
Yet do not recognize    We are not alone

In our creation wondrous
When we were born of clay
They were there among us
On that seventh day    We are not alone

They could be our brothers
But will not show their face
There are many others
Who come but leave no trace    We are not alone

We remain divided
While the hour is getting late
We should be united
Our freedom is at stake    We are not alone

While leaders cover up their crimes
And plan another war
We have all been shown the signs
We've been told to ignore    We are not alone

©2002 Victoria Park


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